Creative services for any business require staying up to date with changing business trends. Bonafide provides services such as logo designing, brochure designing, poster designing, newsletter designing, annual report designing and e-newsletter designing.


Logo Designing: A logo is perhaps one of the most important aspects of brand building. It acts as a representative of the company to which it belongs, its fundamental values, and what it stands for.  The success of many a business today depends on how vital a role ‘good’ design plays in its business strategy. Design is often the first thing that the consumer comes in contact with, before you can meet the company representative, you see the logo and ‘good’ or ‘effective’ design has already started playing a vital role.


Brochure Designing: A brochure is a flyer, pamphlet or leaflet that is used to pass information about something. Brochures are advertising pieces mainly used to introduce a company or organization and inform about products and or services to a target audience. Brochure helps you on advertising campaign.


Poster Designing: Falling under outdoor advertising, this medium can be used widely to promote a client’s business and professional services and can be used by companies concerned with travel, real estate, healthcare, finance, etc.


Newsletter Designing: It is essential for every company to stay in touch with their customer. A newsletter is the perfect way to promote your business as it keeps your customers informed and updated about your newly introduced services, newly launched products, special deals, mergers and partnerships, company news, etc.


Annual Report Designing: To put forth the facts contained in an annual report in the best light, 360 Degree Creative creates customized, interesting and visually appealing annual report templates for our clients. Annual Report Design is a comprehensive service that begins with the process of conversion, scanning and typesetting, and continues right through to creating printable files and, ultimately, hard copies of the report.


E-newsletter Designing: To keep the client’s customers well informed, we design e-mailers as well as e-newsletters. These help bring varied offers, special deals, launches, new alliance announcements, company updates, latest product discounts, etc. to the customer’s inbox. Using advanced and cost-effective methods, we help you communicate with your target audience and achieve your marketing goals.

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The report was good for our study, I would strongly recommend Bonafide Research. A very customer centric and approachable team.- Sales Director
The company which thoroughly understands Indian consumer and Indian Market. We are really happy to work with Bonafide Research. - Strategic Manager
Being a startup we were not aware about e-commerce logistics, the report has resolved all our queries. The team have in depth knowledge of logistics. Remarkable!!!Executive Director
Ready to Mix market has helped us to understand product, price & varients of all the competition including small startups/regional players. - Product Development Manager