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Bonafide Research carries out market research data collection projects using various methodologies such as:


CATI Research (Computer-Assisted Telephones Interviewing)

Interviews carried out by telephone are guided by a questionnaire displayed on the screen of a computer. All of our telephone research is conducted using high performance Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing (CATI) systems. The interviewer records answers via the keyboard to correspond with the pre-coded responses displayed on the screen. CATI research has considerable advantages:


-  The interviewer is left free to concentrate on the interview itself as the routing instructions are taken care of Data is entered directly and the subsequent transactions of data processing are eliminated

-  cost and punching errors are reduced

-  The whole process is speeded up because data is entered as it is obtained

-  At intervals during the survey, the researcher can interrogate the computer to examine the results

-  An analysis of results can be obtained immediately after the last interview has been completed

-  Enhanced productivity resulting in lower project costs

-  Shorter field times and faster turnaround of projects


In general, CATI research is best suited to structured interviews carried out in large numbers, especially repeated surveys where all the possible answers have been worked out and can be listed as pre-coded responses. Our trained and experienced interviewers are expert in interviewing senior level business professional. Bonafide Research covers all the consumer sectors, from general population to hard-to-reach consumers from various socio economic groups, regions, gender and age.


CAWI (Computer Aided Web Interviewing)

The CAWI questionnaire appears in the browser as a web-page that respondents can reach in different ways depending on the sample design. The computerized environment enables great logical intricacy in the interviewing process. Filtering and the implementation of logical relationships happen in the background, out of sight, and only the questions to answer appear on the screen. The answers for the questionnaire get immediately to the main server so the data collection and the results can be tracked continuously. Even multimedia materials (pictures, audio or music files) can be integrated into the questionnaire. CATI research has considerable advantages:


-  There are no print, interviewer and data input costs.
-  The collection time is reduced and there is no input time. Real time processing. Real time data follow-up.
-  Better access to certain targets (Net surfers, working population, etc). No geographical constraint. CAWI is well adapted to broad geographical areas.
-  Suppression of skews due to the interviewer and input errors. The respondents have all the time they want to answer the questionnaire.


Personal (Face-to-Face) Interviewing

Personal interviewing remains the most frequently used quantitative research method. Interviews can be conducted in the respondent’s home or workplace, in halls or even simply on the street. Bonafide Research has extensive experience of face to face interviewing and has a national field-force of experienced supervisors and interviewers whose work is coordinated by a project manager. All interviewers are fully trained and are given a rigorous briefing at the start of each project to ensure consistency of procedure.


Mobile Marketing Research

Bonafide Research provides mobile marketing research which describes a method of data collection means by using functions of mobile phones, smart phones and PDAs. It makes use of strengths from mobile communication and applies these strengths to research purposes. Our clients have seen that mobile market research delivers deeper insights than traditional recall-oriented research methods. Their projects have enjoyed all the benefits of online research plus mobility, validation and immediacy only offered by market research designed for mobile devices.


Our enterprise solutions enable research and market professionals to gain access to mobile audiences on a variety of devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android tablets and mobiles, Blackberries, Nokia and Windows devices.


Quality Control

Bonafide Research has a dedicated quality team. This team endlessly monitors calls made by each interviewer and provides feedback for improvement at regular intervals. The team is also responsible for training new hires and developing training modules for the interviewers.

We offer a tailored approach. Whatever your project requirements, we would be delighted to discuss the best approach and most appropriate research methods to meet your research needs.



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The report was good for our study, I would strongly recommend Bonafide Research. A very customer centric and approachable team.- Sales Director
The company which thoroughly understands Indian consumer and Indian Market. We are really happy to work with Bonafide Research. - Strategic Manager
Being a startup we were not aware about e-commerce logistics, the report has resolved all our queries. The team have in depth knowledge of logistics. Remarkable!!!Executive Director
Ready to Mix market has helped us to understand product, price & varients of all the competition including small startups/regional players. - Product Development Manager