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Our consulting and advisory services provide a comprehensive, research-based view that is crucial for building business intelligence and overcoming market challenges. With their broad areas of expertise, our team of consultants is united in their commitment to our clients, and passionate about their business goals, which helps foster quick and effective decision-making. We offer a broad range of business consulting services which help in formulating high-impact strategies and addressing key business issues.


Bonafide Research also identifies new growth opportunities to help you successfully establish and expand your business. Our client-centric services ensure you can work collaboratively with seasoned experts in order to explore different sectors of the industry and emerge with practical and attainable growth strategies and recommendations. Through our global foothold and multi-domain expertise we have been managing our client’s most crucial issues. Our consulting services offer key analytical insights on Product Life Cycle, Current Market Position and Presence of Key Participants, Customer Buying Behavior, Decision-Making Process, Pricing Strategy etc.


Critical business aspects:


Corporate Strategy :  Define and evaluate corporate and business unit strategies and investment portfolios, reflecting market, competitive and other external drivers.


Strategic Planning :  Develop and deploy actionable strategic planning capabilities linking your vision and strategies to priority initiatives, investments and KPIs.


Growth Strategy : Identify and qualify potential growth opportunities across the breadth of your business and define practical go-to-market plans.


Innovation and Business Design : Define and adopt operating models for breakthrough innovation and growth, impacting processes, culture, ideation mechanisms, and partnerships.


Enterprise Profitability : Evaluate enterprise cost performance levers across front and back office functions and processes, and define an actionable plan on how they can be improved to achieve significantly better financial performance (EBITDA, ROI, and ROA).


Performance Alignment : Instill leadership model linking strategic priorities, performance drivers, risks, and behaviors to close the gap between business strategy and execution and achieve transformational change.


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The report was good for our study, I would strongly recommend Bonafide Research. A very customer centric and approachable team.- Sales Director
The company which thoroughly understands Indian consumer and Indian Market. We are really happy to work with Bonafide Research. - Strategic Manager
Being a startup we were not aware about e-commerce logistics, the report has resolved all our queries. The team have in depth knowledge of logistics. Remarkable!!!Executive Director
Ready to Mix market has helped us to understand product, price & varients of all the competition including small startups/regional players. - Product Development Manager