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Staffed by a team of recognized industry experts, Bonafide Custom Solutions is uniquely positioned to provide tailored analysis to our reputed clients. We provide bespoke consumer market research solutions to the most compelling issues and questions affecting our clients businesses and provide effective recommendations across various industries. Our methodology enables us to design the best solution which balances time, cost, and analytics to ensure your needs are met. We provide custom reports, consulting & advisory services and data collection as a part of our Custom Solutions.



With the broad areas of expertise, our team of consultants is united in their commitment to our clients, and passionate about their business goals, which helps foster quick and effective decision-making. We offer a broad range of business consulting services which help in formulating high-impact strategies and addressing key business issues. Our client-centric services ensure you can work collaboratively with seasoned experts in order to explore different sectors of the industry and emerge with practical and attainable growth strategies and recommendations.



Market assessment is a detailed and objective evaluation of the potential of a new product, new business idea or new investment. It is a comprehensive analysis of environment forces, market trends, entry barriers, competition, risks, opportunities and the company’s resources and constraints.



Bonafide helps clients in selecting the most profitable business model. Expanding into a new market can be an effective way to leverage your core business for growth. But it takes a disciplined process to accurately assess the potential of each growth opportunity, because a bad bet can bog down your business.



Bonafide Research offers a unique skill set of benchmarking experience. Our researchers are dedicated to the task, which is why we retain them for so long. When you contract with Bonafide Research to conduct a benchmarking study, you can be sure you’re working with an expert.



Bonafide Research carries out market research data collection projects using various methodologies such as CATI, CAWI, Mobile marketing research and personal face to face interview.



Bonafide provides a range of Data Analytics solutions to assist our clients across the value chain by using applications like Excel, SAS, SPSS & Tableau Business Intelligence Software. Below, we describe the types of business issues faced by our clients and the solutions Bonafide provides to help address these issues. Each of these solutions is customized to address the unique business requirements of our clients.

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The report was good for our study, I would strongly recommend Bonafide Research. A very customer centric and approachable team.- Sales Director
The company which thoroughly understands Indian consumer and Indian Market. We are really happy to work with Bonafide Research. - Strategic Manager
Being a startup we were not aware about e-commerce logistics, the report has resolved all our queries. The team have in depth knowledge of logistics. Remarkable!!!Executive Director
Ready to Mix market has helped us to understand product, price & varients of all the competition including small startups/regional players. - Product Development Manager