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We are continuously working towards developing an extensive database of research reports for buying professionals that would span across different industry sectors. We could be a new company but, newness also opens wide possibilities of fresh ideas, possibilities of attracting more and new customers, new methods of promoting and making our publisher’s reports visible to potential buyers. If you are a specialist publisher of market research reports then we are keen to hear from you. Our platform uses a vast array of sales and marketing techniques to reach our clients, some of these being direct mailing, telesales team, web based marketing, fax and our daily/weekly alerts. Our supportive market and sales efforts help publishers to reach customers with no additional promotional marketing spends.


-     Bonafide would like to form alliances with strategic partners whose services differs from us.
-     The one who would like to represent/sell their services though us [Your Marketing through Us]
-     The one who can represent our services in any other geography. [Marketing through Partner]
-     The one who can conduct quality primary research for us across geographies [Research Partners]


Marketing your product/services through Bonafide Research
Market Research Reports is a safe, convenient and easy way to find, buy and proceed with online purchases of publications and reports. Our online store of freshly squeezed market research reports allows users to have a delighted experience right from the choice of availability of research reports and purchase to keeping our customers identity confidential.


We help you grow your business by using:


1. Innovative Advertising Strategies
Our innovative advertising strategies are focused on bringing publisher’s reports in contact with more and more customers helping publishers sell more. The most sort after advertising and marketing platforms of the current times are used in order to reach users of research publication, analysts and decision makers. Plus customers can avail our catalog and subscribe to newsletter emails to get the news first on most recent publications, best sellers and hot topics and sometimes even avail special offers.


2. Unparalleled Shopping Experience
The whole platform is custom designed keeping in mind the ease of navigation and use of the shop, right from when the customer enters the website till the time he leaves it. At any point of time should there be any problem our Research Analysts are available to help them out. The FAQ section and guidance throughout the website is made in order to capture customer interest and guide the customer through the ease of secure buying experience that is the foundational of our everlasting relationship with our publishers.


3. Free Online Promotion For Your Publications
In response to increasingly complex e-commerce requirements, Market Research Reports provides variety of services beyond publications sales and consulting that enable its customers to leverage the full potential of online publication sales. We would let you do the talking part if we are the right partner for all aspects of the e-commerce process, from online marketing of publications, personalization to payment options. Our team of highly efficient analysts values every publisher big or small with the same service and delight and PR activity.


4. Sell More – Earn More
In the early days, e-commerce websites were restricted to shopping functionality, but it soon became possible to map complex sales and procurement processes. Customer expectations grew as technology progressed. The facility of sell more and earn more also stands true as we acknowledge a best selling publications by repaying our valued publishers in value terms. You earn more per publication as you sell more. This is unique to this industry.
Market Research Reports can be a valuable distribution channel for your business because apart from the proactive marketing strategies, we also offer some great and exciting value saving offers to our committed publishers.


For further information on selling Research reports through Bonafide Research please fill our partner contact form given below or contact us on Info@Bonafideresearch.com


Marketing Bonafide Research`s product/services through you
Marketing clout / distribution access with respect to our target audience, particularly in the global markets. An established brand name in the supply of information and research products, complementary products / services that could be leveraged to provide a complete solution to customers.Essentially, we are looking for partners who can help distribute or market our services and products in markets where they have a strong presence.


Some of the reasons why you should partner with Bonafide are:


-     We offer a range of high quality market intelligence services and in-depth research capabilities
-     We offer a comprehensive range of writing and editorial services
-     We can add an additional revenue stream to your business
-     We can help reinforce and enhance your current offerings
-     We provide access to scalable, efficient and low cost infrastructure


If you think there is scope for a mutually beneficial relationship and are interested in becoming a partner, please fill our partner contact form given below or contact us on Info@Bonafideresearch.com


Research Partners must have:


-     Primary research capabilities in India, US, Europe, China, South East Asia
-     The skill to conduct in-depth interviews with senior corporate executives.
-     The ability to conduct computer added telephonic interviews with target customers/dealer/distributors.
-     The ability to conduct interviews in English and/or the local language.


If you think you have the capability to help with our primary research needs, please fill our Partner contact form given below or contact us on Info@Bonafideresearch.com


Our Satisfied Clients


The report was good for our study, I would strongly recommend Bonafide Research. A very customer centric and approachable team.- Sales Director
The company which thoroughly understands Indian consumer and Indian Market. We are really happy to work with Bonafide Research. - Strategic Manager
Being a startup we were not aware about e-commerce logistics, the report has resolved all our queries. The team have in depth knowledge of logistics. Remarkable!!!Executive Director
Ready to Mix market has helped us to understand product, price & varients of all the competition including small startups/regional players. - Product Development Manager