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India Household Insecticide Market Outlook, 2022
India Household Insecticide Market Outlook, 2022

India household insecticide market has been witnessing a tremendous growth from the last five years. Household insecticide products are gaining wide acceptance due to rise in vector borne diseases and awareness regarding such incidents. Innovations like mosquito repellent cards have gained popularity in rural areas whereas liquid vaporizers are favourite among urban consumers. New emerging premium category personal & outdoor which includes creams, lotions, gel, patches, etc. is also gaining foothold in the urban markets. However, penetration level and per capita consumption of household insect... Read More

India LED Lighting Market Outlook, 2022
India LED Lighting Market Outlook, 2022

India LED lighting market in precedent years has been witnessing tremendous growth in terms of value as well as volume. The governance of market is maintained by the exhaustive efforts being done by the government through various schemes such as UJALA and SLNP as well as the efforts by the major players in terms of bringing awareness in India. India is a market of huge opportunity and it will continue to grow at a healthy rate in the next few years to come. The major chunk i.e. more than 70% of the Indian Lighting market is being occupied by the CFL and Incandescent lights, which makes a broad... Read More

India Smart Home Market Outlook, 2021
India Smart Home Market Outlook, 2021

The Smart Home market in India has been witnessing tremendous growth in terms of value as well as volume. Home automation has been considered as a business of rich people few years back and it was all true as the cost of automation was not at all suitable to the pockets of large population in the country. However, even for the people who could have easily afforded the automation solutions, adoption ratio was negligible. The situation has turned around completely and over the last few years, a trend of automation is taking place in the country. With the increasing need of comfort and ease along... Read More

India Express Logistics Market Outlook, 2022
India Express Logistics Market Outlook, 2022

Logistics is an integral activity for economic growth as it involves the management of flow of goods from the place of origination to the place of consumption. The sector comprises shipping, port operation, warehousing, rail, road, air freight, express cargo and other value added services. Businesses need logistics services for reaching out to their customers within the tight timelines and delivering products. The express industry, by creating and integrating door to door linkage across domestic and international regions along with shipment tracking facilities, serves the need for time sensiti... Read More

India Sanitaryware Market Outlook, 2022
India Sanitaryware Market Outlook, 2022

Ceramic sanitaryware industry usually comprises those fixtures and components that are used for sanitation purpose ranging from a variety of products such as washbasins, water closets, bath tubs, faucets among others. But this report includes products like wash basins, water closets, cisterns, seat covers, vanity basins, sinks, bidets, pedestals, accessories, etc. The India sanitaryware market is divided into organized and unorganized market in terms of value and volume both. The unorganized players manufacture sanitaryware items using conventional technologies and cater mainly to the mass mar... Read More

India Bicycle Market Outlook, 2022
India Bicycle Market Outlook, 2022

This report gives an in-depth analysis of bicycle market in India. A bicycle is a common mode of transport for people in rural areas particularly within low income societies, but is continuously gaining traction in urban areas as well especially among successful and affluent people. The Indian bicycle market comprises of mainly roadsters, fancy, kids and other types of bicycles. Other bicycles include cycles meant for different purposes like mountain bikes, sports bike, hybrid bike, touring bike, etc. The categorization of bicycle market can be done based on end user viz. retail sector and ins... Read More

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